our soaps

Made with natural and organics ingredients

Using the best and purest natural ingredients, we do the new like in the old days. All our soaps are handmade according to cold process in small batches.

All of our soaps are made with portuguese virgin olive oil as the main ingredient, to which vegetable oils such as coconut, avocado, sweet almonds, castor, grapesseed etc. are added.Also we add vegetable butters such as shea, avocado, cocoa and mango butters.

Most of them are vegan, ( with the exception of honey , goats milk or donkey milk, that we offer in some soaps), in some we use organic and sustainable palm oil from sustainable agriculture by an association of producers in Chile.  Most of them  are  flavored with pure essential oils and some with  premium antiarlergic frangance oils.

Juicy Soaps