We are a family owned and operated business.

It all started in 2012 as a hobby, and simultaneously a consequence of a felt need.

Upon reading the labels on the soap and shower gel packaging, I noticed the huge number of synthetic chemical additives and preservatives added to the commercialized hygiene products.

Even the most expensive products, which are only sold in pharmacies and claim to be pure and vegetable, if a closer analysis of the labels is made, it is shown that this is not the case.

At the beginning I made handmade glycerin soaps buying the base already made and then added the essential oils and made them in various shapes and sizes. The result did not please me.

We are a family owned and operated business.

I found that even the glycerin bases that you buy to melt and say they are vegetables contain alcohol and Laurel, also known as sodium sulfate, sodium laureth sulfat or the acronyms SLS, SLES, which is a very effective and inexpensive surfactant and deodorant detergent, but it is a chemical that with continued use dries the skin and can even cause irritation, in addition to doubts that exist about being carcinogenic.

Since the ancient method of making soaps called Cold Process is more difficult and complicated than melting glycerin, I took a course in the manufacture of handmade soaps and natural cosmetics in England. I went back to making soaps like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did.

The results could not be better.

Now we only use truly vegetable and natural soaps, without unnecessary chemicals and preservatives.

Our skin, our health and the planet are grateful.

The hobby became addictive, whenever I could try a new recipe and then test it, only the one month cure time that the soaps need until they can be used is that it was difficult to endure.

I realized that I already had soaps that they gave to many families, I started offering them to friends and family. Due to the success of the soaps, I decided to take the next step and start selling them by licensing the artisanal production unit, the notifications to CPNP, Ciav and Infarmed.

We are a family owned and operated business.

All of our soaps are based on our extra virgin olive oil to which vegetable oils and butters are added. Miniatures can be ordered to offer on special occasions such as weddings, baptisms etc., as long as the order is placed with the necessary advance due to the curing time, they need about one month for natural drying after the saponification process.

Due to the artisanal process, small changes may appear in the appearance, color and shape of the soaps depending on the lot and which may be different from the photos presented here.

Juicy Soaps